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Cowonomics Intro

Every day when we turn on the news, look on the Internet, or open the newspaper, we are finding discouraging news about our economy.

To be more specific, we are seeing an alarming number of foreclosures, retrenchments, corporate downsizing, retirement plan losses, and a meltdown on stock markets.

This economy has not only people and businesses in a state of fear and concern but also our churches.

Everybody is experiencing uncertainty and anxiety due to these tough economic times.

We should not be.

So what is Church of the Way to do?

Are we to sit on the side-lines of life and hope the economy will get better on its own without any help from the church?

No we must act with urgency and work together as the household of faith to build the welfare of the house and provide opportunities to empower people and to empower the communities.

A healthy cowonomy is one driven by Households of faith that are growing in the blessing of the Lord to be a blessing in the house and in the welfare of the community.

Through our KAN and B2G programme we seek to empower people to be better. If our people are better, then the church is better, if the church is better then the economy is better, if the economy is better then this nation is better, and if this nation is better then this world is better.

In other words, when people are better, money begins to circulate, and when money circulates, jobs are created, businesses are birthed, investments are increased, etc. I believe everyone wins in this equation.

B2G is our cowonomics. That right our Cowonomics.

Which is an invitation to make a difference starting in this body and then in the community and then in the city and province to the nation to the world.

Cowonomics is us wanting to make sure we are meeting the needs of those within this family and then because we are a church for the nation we begin in our community.

Father is wanting us to improve the economic status of the sons and daughter in this house by putting in place mechanisms for the body to support businesses in the house.

One of the values of B2G cowonomics is a win-win principle. Where we operate in integrity and excellence and where we are willing to have a win-win situation where business gives the local family a discount and the body then supports the business in this house.

Cownomics is to support business owners within the church. We produce a business directory on our web page of all of our businesses owned by church members and provide access to this to the family and through the family to the community

That is the way we as a household of faith at Cow with our cowonomics are going build wealth in the body.

We are asking that you to participate in the four P/C of cowonomics:

1. Prayer for the business. That is cowonomics. This is priceless
Commit to prayer.

2. Purchase from the business owners in the house. Buy Cow. That is cowonomics.

Commit to purchase within the House and locally within the community.

3. Promote the business owners in the house. That is cowonomics.

Commit to promote the business in the world.

4. Probity – to operate in excellence and honesty

Commit to Probity: Integrity/honesty

In these tough economic times, we must be creative and think outside the box by providing ways to keep our businesses afloat. Doing this will not only benefit the church, it will also benefit the economy and community.

I would encourage the whole house to brainstorm ideas which will empower our church and communities, and transform this world. Many of us are filled with God ideas, some of which might be the one to make the pivotal difference in our cowonomics during these difficult economic times.


KAN (Kingdom Assignment Network) training.

We will look at starting up a once a month meeting on a Saturday from 9.30 – 12.30. Dates to be advised.

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (NRSV)

One of the most important things we do is provide educational opportunities to educate and empower people to be better.

In KAN we do not want our people, especially our young people, who are the church to be lacking in knowledge. Therefore, we want to educate and empower people in the following areas: Kingdom finances, employment, God ideas (entrepreneur skills), credit building, resumé building, interviewing skills, job searching, and much more.

We strongly believe we must first educate and train before people can be empowered to go out beyond the four walls of the church.

Take a minute to ponder and imagine what the economy and world would look like if we had more people with reasonable knowledge in the areas mentioned above.

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