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Please Note: we will have a live service at the church premises at 8am and a max number of 50 people are able to attend, and will continue to livestream the services on our YouTube channel – see the Live Streaming tab
To register to attend the service  – please email: [email protected] with your contact details and we will confirm whether we have spaces available for the current week.

Please see Church service protocols button for more information.

Please do not just arrive on the day without having your registration confirmed.

Prayer Request

COVID 19 News

Can we assist?

During the Covid-19 lock-down, our elderly congregation members may require assistance with practical tasks – like getting food bought & delivered because they can’t get out, or assistance to collect medicine.

If you require assistance please email [email protected] or Whatsapp / SMS – 081-257-7767

(Please Note: we will do our best to assist, but may not be able to meet every request. The person making the request will remain responsible for the cost of items bought.)


Prayer for the Nation

Prayer Points

  • Pray for increased availability of scriptures in mother tongue languages.
  • Pray for miraculous success by tribal Christians from Suriname who work among the largely animistic Maroon tribes.
  • Pray for true freedom in Christ for the people of this former French penal colony.


The natural beauty of French Guiana was once inhabited by Arawak Indians and Caribs. They hunted abundant wildlife in the jungles that occupy the northern edge of South America, and fished the picturesque coastline. Christopher Columbus stepped ashore in 1498, and the land was later occupied by the Dutch and French, who were unprepared for the jungle conditions, disease, and relations with natives. Several French plantations operated along the coastline, manned by African slaves, until France abolished slavery in the 19th century.

Until the 1930s, France sent tens of thousands of convicts to penal colonies located in the region, including the notorious Devil’s Island. In 1946, French Guiana gained Overseas Department status, allowing for representation in the French National Assembly and Senate. Today, more than 90% of the population lives along the coastline to avoid the rugged jungle terrain. The landscape also prohibits easy access to lumber, as a majority of the interior country is only accessible by one river. Those living in French Guiana enjoy a higher standard of living than much of South America, as the French social security system and subsidies uphold the economy. However, these subsidies have caused conflict as a result of high youth unemployment and a desire for greater autonomy and less dependence on France.

There is freedom of religion in French Guiana, and over 90% of the population identifies with Christianity; however, the majority of the region is increasingly secular in outlook. A progressively more liberal moral code is leading to higher rates of single parent families and illegitimate births. Access to French satellite TV has brought excessive exposure to pornography. Independent house churches and Pentecostal churches have seen numbers rise nearly 5% per year, but those in leadership need accountability and theological guidance. Haitians, Antilleans, Hmong, Amerindian tribal groups, Brazilians, and interior bush tribes are among those most receptive to the Gospel.

Scripture a Day Reading

Maintain a Healthy Spirit and Body

Monday        – Acts 25
Tuesday        – Acts 26
Wednesday – Acts 27
Thursday      – Acts 28
Friday            – 1 John 1


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2 Hour Notice
Park your car on the designated spot right outside our front door and have your pre-ordered groceries packed and loaded into your car. Pay from the comfort of your car on a sanitised card machine.