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Please Note: we will have a live service at the church premises at 8am and a max number of 50 people are able to attend, and will continue to livestream the services on our YouTube channel – see the Live Streaming tab
To register to attend the service  – please email: with your contact details and we will confirm whether we have spaces available for the current week.

Please see Church service protocols button for more information.

Please do not just arrive on the day without having your registration confirmed.

Prayer Request

COVID 19 News

Can we assist?

During the Covid-19 lock-down, our elderly congregation members may require assistance with practical tasks – like getting food bought & delivered because they can’t get out, or assistance to collect medicine.

If you require assistance please email or Whatsapp / SMS – 081-257-7767

(Please Note: we will do our best to assist, but may not be able to meet every request. The person making the request will remain responsible for the cost of items bought.)


Prayer for the Nation

Prayer Points

  • Pray for continued freedom to spread the Gospel.
  • Pray for unhampered and accurate translation work for many languages with no Bible.
  • Pray for missionaries who will leave urban Gambia to travel upriver to unreached tribes.


Straddling the Gambia River, the Republic of The Gambia is the smallest country in mainland Africa. Inhabited by numerous ethnic groups and a part of various West African kingdoms before its colonization, Gambia was fused together with present-day Senegal to form Senegambia, the first British colony in Africa. Gambia became a self-governed nation in 1963 and gained full independence in 1965.

Gambia is considered a “melting pot” of West African ethnic groups who generally live in harmony with one another. Eighty percent of the population are subsistence farmers, many of whom are women. Gambian law supports gender equality, but it is a patrilineal society, mainly among the Muslims. Polygamy is also very prevalent. Major social issues within Gambian society include poverty, disease, and lack of economic development. There are no government programs in place for the poor or disabled, and they are usually forced to beg. Malaria, blindness, and other illnesses ail the population, and the nation is one of the poorest in the world.

Ninety percent of the Gambia population is Muslim, but there is some religious freedom and tolerance. Christians, mostly Protestant, make up 5% of the population. Ministries are needed to reach the non-Christian majority, but many Gambian believers are not motivated to evangelize to their Muslim countrymen. Gambians are known for being soft-spoken and tend to avoid conflict, so many of the Muslims are more tolerant of Gambian Christians, and persecution is lower than in most surrounding nations. Nominalism is affecting the church, and even though they have access to spiritual teaching, they are not fully receiving the message and growing in their faith. Discipleship and leadership training are needed in order to effectively reach those living in isolated areas and to motivate believers to witness to their fellow Gambians.

Scripture a Day Reading

Maintain a Healthy Spirit and Body

Monday        –  Ephesians 5
Tuesday        –Ephesians 6
Wednesday – Colossians  1
Thursday      –Colossians 2
Friday            –Colossians  3

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Emergency Info:

Nationwide Emergency Response – 10111

Cell phone emergency – 112

Ambulance – 10177

Netcare 911 Emergency – 082 911

ER24 Emergency – 084 124

Corona Virus(COVID-19)

24-Hour Number:

0800 029 999


Dis-Chem Pharmacy Farramere – Benoni
Phone: 011 749 6900

Dis-Chem Pharmacy Rynfield Terrace – Benoni
Phone: 010 003 9991

Clicks Pharmacy – Northmead Square
Phone: 011 425 4338

Pick n Pay Towers – Boksburg
2 Hour Notice
Park your car on the designated spot right outside our front door and have your pre-ordered groceries packed and loaded into your car. Pay from the comfort of your car on a sanitised card machine.