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We are hosting weekly live services. Please register for yourself and your family indicating kids ages as well, by Tuesday of each week by completing the Contact form at the base of the webpage

Please Note the following:

–  Numbers are limited, and you must register to attend (a confirmation message will be sent to you), Please do not just arrive on the day!

– If our numbers limit is reached you will be placed on a waiting list for the following week.

– Masks must be worn throughout the duration of the service.

– Please bring your own mug for coffee / tea.

(We do need volunteers to make themselves available for coffee teams, and all other teams in preparation for opening up fully.)

– If you register and find out that have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, or have any of the following symptoms: Fever, Shortness of Breath, Dry Cough, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, Body Aches, Loss of Smell or Taste, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Fatigue, Weakness or Tiredness; then Please do not come to the service, send us a WhatsApp or email so that we can pray for you, and also make your space available to others on the waiting list.

If you are not attending the service at the church, please prioritise watching online at 9am as a witness to the oneness of the body of Christ.

Life Groups

A Lifestyle of Discipleship

Life Groups are the primary vehicle for discipleship at Church of the Way. We gather in Life groups with our friends and neighbours to live life together, experience the gospel, wrestle with the truths of the Bible, love one another, serve the city, and participate in the mission of God for Church of the Way.

Prayer Time

“Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer!” Psalm 4:1

Come and connect with the Lord and the body of Christ. We look forward to seeing you there.

Baby Dedication

If you have a little one and would like to dedicate it to the Lord, please register at the welcome desk or contact us the office.

This is for partners of Church of the Way.

Honour the Lord

Let’s continue to honour the Lord and remain faithful in our tithes and offerings. Click on the Giving Button for more info.

Submit a prayer request

If you need prayer in any regard. Please let us by clicking to Prayer Request Button. 


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For more info on COVID-19 Status and questions. Please visit the website by clicking on COVID News.

Prayer Points

• Pray for revival among economically disadvantaged young people who are increasingly reliant on alcohol.

 • Pray for the diaspora who financially support their families at home yet become entrapped by drugs and HIV/AIDS.

• Pray for a vibrant witness to arise from within declining Christian congregations.

Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific, is the first to face the possibility of having all of its land territories disappear due to rising sea levels.  With land scattered across 2 million square kilometers around the Equator in both the North and South Pacific Ocean, this modern day Atlantis consists of 3 island groups: The Gilbert, Line, and Phoenix Islands.  Kiribati consists of 33 coral atolls, 23 of which are inhabited by a growing population of 103,000 people, all of whom face a massive exodus and migration from their homeland.

Kiribati is the only nation in the world to fall into all four hemispheres. Half of the population lives on a single atoll on the main island of South Tarawa. The capital of Tarawa is halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Gaining independence from Britain in 1979, Kiribati is a democratic republic. As one of the least developed Pacific islands and having very few natural resources, many work abroad. Tragically, many of these workers return home with HIV/AIDS or drug problems and addictions. Due to the vast distance between the islands, many people depend on foreign aid and remittances abroad to bolster the economy.

Nearly all of the people (98.5%) identify as Christian, but nominalism and syncretism block many from true fellowship with God.  The once-strong Protestant Church faces slow decline, losing members to other groups. Practices of spiritism have become far too common. The theological college in Tarawa is not evangelical. Spiritual growth is too often followed by decline, since foreign financial windfalls and occasional healings become the main attraction rather than biblical teaching and transformed lives. Overpopulation and unemployment have become a dangerous combination and have led to a rise in alcohol abuse, especially among the youth. There is a need for revival among the youth, for them to live wholesome lives with godly purpose. The impending disaster of becoming refugees due to land loss can be a powerful reminder that our eternal home is in heaven. May the people come to know God and find their security in the Lord – regardless of any possible loss of their nation’s land – as He provides new homes on earth and in heaven.


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