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What is Cowonomics?
Cowonomics is a strategy of Church of the Way to enable economic growth by promoting businesses in the church on the church web page so that the congregation and broader community can purchase products / services from them. By supporting one another in the church body, we build the economic welfare of the body, which in turn builds the welfare of the broader community

Customers purchasing though the B2G portal qualify for a special price from the business supplier.
The business generates sales in a difficult time.
It’s a win win for all involved.

We will also be adding different components to the project as we get going (networking meetings, consultancy meetings to help small business, business skills training)

What does it cost?
There are no costs for the purchaser to access the businesses listed on the Church web page

The business contributes a R50 monthly fee for their listing.
(Our value is to support businesses, if you are currently unable to afford the R50 fee, please make contact with us so we can make a plan for you to still list your business.)

When is the next meeting?
Sat 7th Nov, 9am-12 noon

Register by Mon 2 Nov to: [email protected] or whatsapp / sms to the church number: 081-257-7767

Who can participate?
Partners and regular visitors to Church of the Way can apply to list their business on the web site.
A business can be listed by the owner, a senior manager, sales executive (Someone with decision making authority with regards pricing for Church of the Way customers.)

Anyone can access the website and request a product / service via the website.
(Please note: only requests that come through the church website will qualify for Cowonomics pricing. Contacts to the company directly will not qualify)

Who do I speak to for more information?
Mike Rogers or Sieg Schultz can be contacted via the: [email protected] or leave a message on the church whatsapp / sms number: 081-257-7767

How do I buy from a business in the church?
Logon to the church webpage: www.churchoftheway.co.za, navigate to the “Cowonomics” Tab and browse for the product or service you require.

Once you have identified the company or service you need, fill out the contact form and submit, and a company representative will contact you to confirm your quote and complete the order.

What price will I get?

Businesses participating in the Cowonomics project have committed to give special pricing to orders from the Cowonomics project.

The discount applied will differ from company to company.
Each company has its own business and pricing model, which may also differ from industry to industry.

You are welcome to compare prices with other suppliers and see if the Church of the Way business can match a cheaper quote.
Remember that any quote comparison should be on a direct, like for like basis.
Our value is to support local Cow Businesses, so if the price difference is marginal – go Cowonomics.

What if I can get it better / cheaper elsewhere?
If the Cow business is not able to match a cheaper quote, and you have done a fair and like for like comparison, then you are welcome to take the cheaper quote from elsewhere.

Please give us feedback so we can keep improving the service offering of the Cowonomics project.

What happens if I am unhappy with the product / service?
First, contact the business supplier and seek to get the problem sorted out directly with them.

If you are unable to find a suitable resolution, please contact Mike or Sieg and ask them to investigate the problem and help mediate a solution.

Should they not be able to mediate a solution, the customer will have to revert to the standard regulatory mechanism available in South Africa such as industry ombudsman, or the consumer commission.

Businesses that sign up to the project have signed a code of conduct that they agree to abide by, however this is based on goodwill and is not legally binding. Should any company fail to abide by the code of conduct, they will be removed from the project.

What must I do as a business owner in the church?
Contact Mike or Sieg on [email protected] or send a message on the church whatsapp / sms number: 081-257-7767 with your name, the name of your business and the product / service you offer and they will get back to you with further information.

What must I do as a person in the church?
1. Prayer for the businesses in the church. That is cowonomics. This is priceless
Commit to prayer.
2. Purchase from the business owners in the house. Buy Cow. That is cowonomics.
Commit to purchase within the House and locally within the community.
3. Promote the business owners in the house. That is cowonomics.
Commit to promote the businesses in the world.
4. Probity – to operate in excellence and honesty
Commit to Probity: Integrity / honesty